Most students aware of just seven career choices

Crowd of students

NEW DELHI: Most students in India are aware of just seven career options out of the more than 250 they can pursue in the country, according to a survey.

The survey of over 10,000 students across India in the 14-21 age group found that 93 per cent of them were aware of only seven careers, including law, engineering, design, and management.  The survey was conducted by Mindler, an online career-counselling platform.

There are over 250 careers across 40 domains covering over 5,000 job types that one can pursue in India, the researchers said.

“Our research on over 10,000 students across India suggests an alarming ignorance of the career options available to students today,” said Prateek Bhargava, founder and CEO of Mindler, who recently launched a platform for career counselling in tier II and tier III cities across India.

India has limited trained career counsellors available who can assist and guide students to make the correct career decision, he said.

The platform aims to bring counsellors from underserved cities across India under one roof and systemise the career counselling sector.


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