How To Study Smart?

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All this while, we were urged to “study hard” in order to score exceptional marks in exams. By “study hard,” they meant spending long hours reading books not just in school but even at home to a point where you don’t have any time for recreation or social life. You now have to ask yourself, if this really works? Does it, as expected, bring the desired results? Well, there is no definite answer to this since some say it has worked well for them, while, for others, it wasn’t as effective. In extreme cases, there are a few who either lost their minds or died. Whether we are learning on the job or in school, one thing is crisp and clear: we need more than just effective study skills to keep us ahead of the pack.

In order to get ahead, you must first develop smart study habits that will enhance your learning experience. Studying smart make things easier for you and still produce good results without having to go paranoid. Well, how does one devise a smart plan for studying? Read on the article, to know a few smart tips!

  • Acronyms and mnemonic devices

Acronyms are a combination of letters used to memorize a term or a concept. For example, to teach younger kids the order in which North, South, East and West appear on a compass, we can use the acronym Never Eat Soggy Worms. The first letter of each term correlates with the order of direction on a compass.

  • Test Yourself

To understand how well you know the concept, test yourself often. To get an upper edge and better insight of the CBSE exams, one can take a close look at the CBSE sample papers, for they give the required practice and confidence to the students allowing students complete the paper seamlessly in due time on the final day.

  • Take Breaks

Information is retained better when you take breaks. While it is important to give the brain some time to absorb new information, study for 30 minutes strenuously and take a break of 10 minutes.

Most importantly, plan a comprehensive, yet flexible study approach that takes into consideration the course load and the ways in which you will be tested. At BYJU’S, avail the CBSE Question Papers, chapter wise test series, important questions, NCERT Solutions, RD Sharma solutions and Problem Solving Assessment papers to help you prepare well and clear your board exams with flying colours. Also, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and to learn better and know how BYJU’S app is changing the way students learn.

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