5 Reasons to Choose Points Rummy Online

Most avid fans of rummy have switched to online gaming. That is why modern gaming sites like Khelplay Rummy have many different options for players to try out their rummy gaming skills. Points rummy is a variation of rummy where the winner is decided in just one round of rummy card game. There are many reasons why this is the most popular variation of rummy games online. Here we have listed out why people love this game and choose this over other variations online:

It is The Best Way to Take Short Breaks

When you are busy working all day long and crave for a short break from the work schedule, rummy comes to your rescue. You can log into your account online and play the points rummy variation of Indian Rummy. This is a regular game of rummy but the winner of the game is decided at the end of one round. The game gets over quickly and you get the break you wanted from work.

It is a Quick Way to De-Stress

People fail to make the right decisions under stress. It is thus vital that you de-stress before you take the vital decisions in life. When you think of relieving stress, the first things that come to your mind are would be yoga and meditation. But these require high level of concentration and at least an hour time. If you wish to relieve stress in a jiffy, rummy games may come to your rescue.

Revise Rummy Skills in a Jiffy

Practice makes a person perfect. You tend to forget the rules and tricks of a game if you don’t play it for long. If you love rummy and wish to be abreast with the rules of the game, simply play a round of points rummy on Khelplay Rummy. You will revise your favourite game in a jiffy and can continue with your work too after that.

Plan and Organise Better

Rummy is a game that can be won only through good organising skills. The first thing good rummy players do as soon as they get their hand is arrange the cards in a proper order. They keep the cards that are to be disposed to one end of the hand and the jokers to the other end. In the middle, they arrange the sequences and sets in proper order. They arrange pairs of cards that may become a sequence or a set with the addition of one card just adjacent to the cards that are to be disposed. This habit of arranging cards also inculcates a sense of planning into the minds of players. Players of rummy patti game are thus better organisers.

Know Whether You Win or Lose in Just One Round

Most people hate waiting many rounds just to know whether they will win or lose a game. This is yet another reason why one must choose points rummy variation of the 13 cards rummy game. It allows you to know who wins or loses in just one round. You may also play a round of points rummy with cash and try your luck.

When you create an account online on Khelplay, you get an opportunity to challenge complete strangers for a round of points rummy. This is also a great opportunity to interact with strangers and build your rummy circles.

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